is a hub for people who look for a place to chill, discuss stuff and play vidya with people who also look for a place to chill, discuss stuff and play vidya.

The Lurkers are born in late 2012. How is unknown to this day. From the - lasting, with high and lows - friendship between Atheos - currently in charge of administrating stuff around here - and iAnDx a small Teamspeak community was born.
As time passed by, friends of friends joined in and so on, until in late 2013 the community had finally shaped in the 20ish people group it is at the time of writing.
That said, history is boring enough when it is relevant - even more so when nobody couldn't care 2 cents about it, so this little should suffice. What concerns the traveller of the Net who stumbles upon this oasis - or fiery hellpit, depends on viewpoint - is its content. If what you are looking for is a place to discuss, freely and without limits, play or just hang around - is targeted at you. Already hosting a SMP Minecraft server and planning more, our community is sure to satisfy your "playing buddies" needs.
Not convinced? Then let us convince you. Hop aboard for a bit and have a stroll around;
We can always drop you off on the first desert atoll if you don't like the place.